Posts for Du`a’ (Supplication)

Saying ‘la illah illah Allah’ at death


Many of us think we can live our lives however we want, and then at the time of death just say ‘la illaha illah Allah’. But at the time of death, the tongue cannot speak—except what the heart commands. Whatever is in the heart will come out. If that heart... Read More

Pain, Loss, and the Path to God

I still remember the desperation. In the deep disappointment which often follows self-reflection, I turned to my Creator to plead. I turned to plead – but not for what can be measured, bought, sold, or traded. It was desperation for a truer currency. With my flaws suddenly made open to... Read More

Why Aren’t My Prayers Being Answered?

Question: Why aren’t my prayers being answered? Answer: May Allah reward you for asking such an honest question, and may He guide us towards the truth. Ameen. I think what happens in this type of situation is that we mix up our means and our ends. When we make du`a’... Read More

Reclaim Your Heart