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This is Awakening


This is Awakening By: Yasmin Mogahed   It’s hard to describe the feeling. Imagine living your entire life in a cave and believing it was your whole world. Then suddenly you step outside. For the first time in your life, you see the sky.  You see the trees and the... Read More

Life, death, and our final meeting with our Lord

Life, death, and our final meeting with our Lord September 30, 2008 was the last day of Ramadan. For Nora Risha, 18-year-old freshmen at Arizona State University, it was the last day on this earth. At approximately 10 o’clock in the evening on October 1, 2008, a drunk driver ran... Read More

For the Love of the Gift


We all love gifts. We love the blessings that beautify our lives. We love our children, our spouses, our parents, our friends. We love our youth and we love our health. We love our homes, our cars, our money, our beauty. But what happens when a gift becomes more than... Read More

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