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On treating broken hearts (love addictions)

band aid heart 2

If you are trying to get over a person you can’t be with, treat it like an addiction: 1. Cut yourself off from the drug completely: Cut off all communication and reminders–even if that means blocking numbers, emails, a Facebook profile, and stop checking their Facebook! This is your detox.... Read More

Houston Illumination Speech


A speech I gave at a conference in Houston on March 10, 2012 (my birthday):   A few years ago today—we wont talk about how many years—but a few years ago today, I was born. And while a lot of people get into the theological debate about celebrating or not... Read More

This is Love


This is love. And so there are some who spend their whole lives seeking. Sometimes giving, sometimes taking. Sometimes chasing. But often, just waiting. They believe that love is a place that you get to: a destination at the end of a long road. And they can’t wait for that... Read More

Reclaim Your Heart