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One Jewish Woman’s Fight for Palestine

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One Jewish Woman’s Fight for Palestine By: Yasmin Mogahed For Jennifer Loewenstein, April 19, 2002 was a “waking nightmare”. She stood silent at the edge of the camp, in disbelief–and horror. Listening to the sound of wailing, she watched as medical workers lay out the bodies of the dead. The... Read More

Response to Violence Overseas


What is my response to the recent violence overseas? Well, it depends who I’m addressing: To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I say: The violence is wrong, and only helps the cause of those who want to insult Islam and the Prophet (pbuh). To the media and all those who’d... Read More

Be Muslim–But Only in Moderation

In his first 2004 presidential debate, Senator John Kerry began the night in the favor-of-the-day. Answering his first question, Kerry explained that America needed to isolate the “radical Islamic Muslims”. “I have a better plan to be able to fight the war on terror by … beginning to isolate the... Read More

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