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A Reflection on Victory and Defeat


Reflect on this: When did the victory come? When they admit defeat. Not to the creation. To God. Then victory came. Not from the creation. From God. [See Quran (54: 10-15), (21: 87-88), (7:23), (21: 83-84) and duaa of Muhammad (SAW) after Taif]

Irvine 11: Waiting for Victory

ship 3

We can hardly get them off our minds. The whole world is watching today. And everyone is wondering, ‘what will happen to the brave men who spoke truth to power in Irvine?’ What will go down in history about the students who gave a voice to the voiceless, and took... Read More

Today’s Opening of the Red Sea (Lessons from Egypt)

When Prophet Musa (as) stood in front of the Red Sea, a tyrant and his army approached from behind. Some of those in Musa’s midst began to divide. Looking ahead, those people saw only defeat: “And when the two bodies saw each other, the people of Moses said: ‘We are... Read More

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