I Grieve

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I Grieve

By: Yasmin Mogahed


I lifted my head

Once more

Only to see

The sun had set,

The trees had slept,

And they’d all gone home


I grieve.


The sky that was clear

is now covered with fog.

My path, I no longer see.

Why try…when it’s all so gray?


I grieve.



Today I grieve

For what’s been lost.

My forgotten people,

still on their knees

before a snow god in spring


I grieve.


They’ve forgotten that prayer

And to whom they should call.

The Essence replaced

by mundane ritual,

empty symbols.

Their hearts… so tired,

jaded and worn


I grieve.


We are a people

defeated…but not conquered.


And somehow

I feel my blood return.

I will stand.

I will try.

And from beyond my grief,

I will see…



There are a people you can’t enslave.

A loyalty…you can’t buy.

For a land may be occupied…

but never a soul.



From beyond my tears

I’ll understand…

Today my people weep.

But tomorrow…Death will die,

as their tears give birth to a land

where…“on them shall be no fear

nor shall they grieve” (2:262).






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  • SalmaR

    Subhanallah gave me goosebumps..

  • Nadia

    Subhanallah sis…it really brings me back to the door of hope.

  • Anwar

    Subhan Allah..

  • Hoden

    This poem and “I prayed for peace today” are my favorite! Masha’Allah, Sr. Yasmin, may Allah bless you. Stay humble and keep up the good work, you’ve helped thousands of Muslims around the world. Masha’Allah.

  • guide me

    Dear Yasmin , I have become a huge fan of yrs in the last 12 hrs…. whatever u have written touches the heart because that is the truth..while reading i felt as if i was in a garden full beautiful sunshine and flowers with fragrances all around…i haven’t been able to read everything as yet but the material on Love , Hardships, Awakening is all that I’ve been wondering abt in the past 6 months…Shukr Alhamdollillah my life has changed coz i have changed myself through reflection and meditation by the will of Allah….there have been ups n downs but through Allah’s help i have come out stronger , happier and with an energy that was never there before or got lost during the yrs….suddenly a previously mundane life seems so short coz there is so much to b done…. and reading U’r posts here has confirmed a lot of things too… Jazak Allah for every post….like u said we have to detach from everything and then we’ll b able to c what we are looking for….in my case everyone around me detached themselves as they were busy in their own lives and thus i found muself alone and found the true path!!but i have a problem here…. I’m losing a bit of respect for my husband due to the following reasons …its not that im feeling righteous or anything ( may Allah forgive us for all of our sins) …. i became tired of being oppressed, of being lonely , of having only a financial relationship (as in my husband thinks that he is providing for me and the kids so that is more than enough) with my husband. And now that i am finally doing what i am suppose to do and follow the REAL i feel pressurized as to how i should go abt it in front of my husband!! he has closed himself so much that i just dont knw hw to reach him….i want to have a healthy relationship with everyone around me and this is bothering me now in my spiritual journey…. i have tried talking to him a million times ba he is in a state of constant denial that everything is as it should be ….although things r way better than before ….and im constantly reminding him that he needs to give children his time if he wants anything in return from them( for eg love)…and that a wife is not for showing off that she is pretty and has brains but is a loving companion to share ur life with …i just havent been able to gain his trust which he probably lost due to someone else….initially when we married(arranged) i used to think that maybe this is the way men r ( that they like to brag abt everything,they like to socialize , make female friends , show off around, busy in their own selves)but wen i started looking around and i realized that it was normal and natural for men to feel for their wives…to share their lives with their families…n i really tried to put in an effort not realizing that i was running after the wrong path!ba now when all my energies are spent in Allah’s path….i dont feel lonely… i dont miss my husband when he is not there… i am just so busy in everything else and i am much happier and relaxed when he is not around….i have started covering my head but he hasnt seen it as yet i know that he will throw a fit when he finds out!!!! he isnt a bad man but has become a ambitious and materialistic and does everything for his career and to please others(mostly rich and influential ppl)! :( waiting for an advice!! should i just carry on with what im doing and ignore him with what he is doing? i am also tired of any negative energy that comes as a result of any argument(very rare) and takes me in my lowest lows!! :(

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