All Were Delivered

alone under tree

All the voices have hushed to a whisper now.

The sounds have slept.

I rest here in the cocoon of my heart,

Waiting for its’ deliverance.

They made you think your pain was small.

Small to Him…

Because it was small to them.

Your pain is not small to Him.

Your insignificance is in front of Him—but not to Him.

You are insignificant before Him.

But you are not insignificant to Him.

My deliverance will come.

He never left any of them in this state.

Not Musa, Muhammad, umm Musa, Maryam,

Ayoub, Yunus, Yusuf, Yaqoob, Ibrahim,

Ismael, Hajar, Aasiya, Nuh.


All were delivered.


My deliverance will come.

This pain is not small to Him.

The pain of one woman was not small to Him.

The emptiness of one woman who had put her child in the river,

was not small to Him.

The pleads of one woman who was being tortured,

was not small to Him.

The complaint of one woman to the Prophet (pbuh),

was not small to Him.

The broken heart of one woman who had lost her son,

was not small to Him.

The desperation of one woman, who bore the pain alone under a tree,

was not small to Him.


His deliverance always came.

He never left any of them in this state.


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  • Shukriya

    So beautiful. We should always trust Allah subhana wa ta’la and wait for his deliverance. Ma sha allah

  • Ghadeer

    Really beautiful…thank you so much, this was very comforting

  • AR

    i so needed this right now.. i couldn’t control my tears..

  • Djuita

    Thank you :’) This is very helpful mashaAllah

  • Amatullah

    Jazakum Allahu khayr for sharing this beautiful reminder. Yes, it is truly comforting to know that Allah, our Lord is Al-Wadood, a Most-Loving God.
    It is truly comforting to know that every one of us in our times of need have a Lord who listens to us, cares for us and will provide a way out for us.
    O Allah, please help us to truly love You sincerely from our hearts. Ameen.

  • kalimsaki

    “And deals death”

    He is the one
    who causes death. He discharges you from the duty of life, changes your abode
    from this transitory world, and releases you from the labour of service. That
    is, He takes you from a transient life to an immortal one. This phrase, then,
    shouts out the following to ephemeral jinn and man:

    Here is good news for you! Death is not destruction, or nothingness, or annihilation; it is not
    cessation or extinction; it is not eternal separation, or non- existence, or a chance event; it is not authorless obliteration. Rather, it is to be discharged by the Author
    who is All-Wise and All-Compassionate; it is a change of abode. It is
    to be despatched to eternal bliss, to your true home. It is the door of union
    to the Intermediate Realm, which is where you will meet with ninety-nine per
    cent of your friends.

    From Risalei Nur collection by
    Said Nursi.

  • Allah brought me to these words when I was in so much pain – thankyou Allah!
    Yasmin! May Allah bless you. You are gifted by Allah. But sister, I will give you one advice and this is to remind myself as well for I always fear that I might become a victim of this – always remember this gift is from Allah, never let it make you proud, as it was pride that turned one of the most God fearing Jinn who used to praise Allah in the company of the angels turn into Satan

  • Asiya

    Sister Yasmin,
    Every time I ask this question, it usually brings up arguments. But I’m not seeking an argument. I’m seeking an answer. I’m seeking the truth. And it actually concerns me as well. Please insha’Allah if you have the knowledge to this answer, do not with hold it.
    “Can Muslim women preach to a mixed group (men and women?)” I presently do, and I get a lot of criticism. In fact I just might stop because of all this doubt. May Allah reward your greatly for your time.

    • Yasmin Mogahed


      There is nothing wrong with preaching to a mixed group as long as you are covered and maintain your modesty. Do not make your voice seductive. But most importantly, make your intentions pure. Allah (swt) judges your action according to your intentions. And Allah knows best.

      – Yasmin Mogahed

      • Asiya

        J’zakallah. May the dwellers of the heavens and those on the earth love you. You are such a good person. May Allah preserve you, your family and unite you all in jannah with radiant smiles. God bless.

        – Asiya

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