Response to Violence Overseas


What is my response to the recent violence overseas? Well, it depends who I’m addressing:

To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I say: The violence is wrong, and only helps the cause of those who want to insult Islam and the Prophet (pbuh).

To the media and all those who’d like to make the world believe that Muslims are flipping out over cartoons and movies, I say: This anger wasn’t born a week ago over a movie. It is rooted in decades of humiliation and oppression. To employ the old cliche, the cartoons and movies just serve as straws that break the camel’s back.


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  • I always love your writing sister :)

  • Anonymous

    salam yasmin!
    We in the UK love you too and I have heard you will be visiting london soon. We are extremely interested to invite you down to the North of England, as many of us northerners will miss out tremendously on your presence, with London being so far away for us. I work with the North association of Islamic societies in the Universities.
    Please please please can you provide a contact number or agent that I could speak with in regards to having you deliver a lecture for us.

    Awaiting your reply
    S x

  • Janaki de silva

    Assaalamualaikum Sister Yasmin,

    Am a Sri lankan lady living in Jubail, Saudi Arabia with my family. Accidently I found your site when i was searching for Islamic lectures. Acctualy I was impressed from the very first lecture of yours. After that I was like crazy to listen to more. Please do visit to Saudi Arabia too as ladies here miss lectures in Islam,

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