A Reflection on Victory and Defeat


Reflect on this: When did the victory come? When they admit defeat. Not to the creation. To God. Then victory came. Not from the creation. From God.
[See Quran (54: 10-15), (21: 87-88), (7:23), (21: 83-84) and duaa of Muhammad (SAW) after Taif]

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  • simplyamazing

    i left you a inbox kwuestion yasmin

  • simplyamazing

    on youtube

  • Flash

    Asa Yasmin sister
    I m from Pakistan

  • Flash

    I am 34 years old and I got married at 27 to an impotent guy he wasted 3 yrs of my life by telling me he ll be ok but he was never gonna be ok and he just deceived me I got divorce from him and then I got married again that second guy knew everything about my first marriage and he was the same case I lived with him for 2 yrs but that marriage also dissolved .now I m in severe depression as I m getting old all my friends of my age are mother of 2 or 3 children and I m suffering alone plz help me and guide me to get out of this depression plz reply soon I ll be thankful

    • Samreen

      Assalamualikum sister first you need to know the reason behind both of your cases whether the problem was with you or with them and seek help to Allah as he is Al Wali (The protecting friend),Al Qareeb(The one who is near),Al wakeel (The trust worthy),As sami (The all hearer) ,All you need to do is realise this ,sister as soon as you see this mesg goto you room perform ghusool and sit on the mat make sure you have no disturbance and you start telling all your problems to Allah pour it out sister cry and wallahi He will definetly answer …. Sometimes all it need is a prayer to change everything..

  • ayesha

    Assalamu alaykum Sister Yasmin, I am Ayesha from Philippines. my concern is how could I know if I am being punished or tested by Allah (subhanahu wa taala)? Jazakuallahu khayran!

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