Every Moment a New Birth


Learn to see each moment as it’s own birth–entirely separate from the moment that proceeded it, and from the moment that will follow. Each moment is a new existence, a new world in which we will be born and will die. Our problem is that we become enslaved to the moments that have passed, enslaved to old worlds that have already passed away. But in reality, more than a thousand times a day, we are born. Yet many of us choose to just let ourselves die again and again, as each new moment fades. We forget that each birth is a new opportunity to start over, to turn around, or to keep going. To rise higher, to heal, to grow. To be different. Better. Each new moment calls for transformation, renewal, return. Tawbah.
But we’re too busy dying.

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  • Nan

    MashaAllah. truly. we are too busy dying that we often forget that live still goes on. looking back in regrets will only pull us further away from rebuilding ourselves.

  • Ghazi Aitizaz

    Allah has gifted you with the ability to penetrate right to ones heart, shake it and get it to start working the way it should!
    Thank You Allah for people like Yasmin Mogahed :)

  • Wow! Ma Sha Allah! It can’t be said more beautifully than this! It is true that we are slaves to this world, not to the real master, at times. Subhana Allah! We’re too busy dying, too busy knocking at the door of regrets and past…

    Jazaki Allahu Khairan for this. May Allah bless you!

  • Maryam Padfield

    Mashallah! I had a thought similar to this a few years ago when I was trying to find a way to concentrate in my salat. I realised the only moment alive was the present moment, that it was pointless to think about moments past (while praying) as they no longer existed. And it was pointless thinking about future moments as they didn’t exist yet and may never exist. Therefore the only moment to concentrate on is right now, and right now you are worshipping Allah.

  • I find the biggest difficulty with us is, we are enslaved to our wealth and descendants. We forget that these two worldly possessions are the top two questions of the question paper set by Allah, the Wise for us to deal with. Sometimes we prevent ourselves from doing something that is disapproved by our religion, but accept the very thing when our kids do that; our blind love for them persuades us in this case. And about wealth we never remember we are merely the trusty, not the owner!

  • Haajar Farah

    Subhana’Allah. Each day in itself is a new day. The Sun that rises each morning brings with it an opportunity. Very well said sister! :)

  • Rafeeyapasha

    I agree every moment is a previous Jewell take it or leveit

  • Thank you sister Yasmin, I really enjoy reading your posts in a positive way.

  • H

    This is my favorite article. I find myself reading it again and again. A true piece of inspiration.

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