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Falling in Love With the Tool

Imagine I gifted you with a box full of tools and every material you’d need, and then asked you to build a house–not for me–for yourself. How many people would fall in love with the hammer and forget about building the house? How many would use the tools instead to destroy themselves? God gave us this world, which is nothing but a box full of tools. Our ability to love is a tool. Our heart is a tool. Our life experiences are a tool. Our relationships, our money, our bodies, our minds, the sky, the sun, the stars, are all part of that tool box. And He has asked us to build a house. Not for Him. For ourselves. But most of us are so in love with the tools, we’ve forgotten their purpose. And in that neglect, have forgotten our own.

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4 Comments to “Falling in Love With the Tool”

May Allah bless you in this world and in life hereafter!


Thank you for your wisdom in the words you write, at times it is wonderful to know I am not mad for my beliefs or my understand of them. It is the people around me and their understanding of ISLAM and may be my approach in handing the questions and the attitude of some individuals.


I really like what youre saying your writing is very good , very very good


Subhana’Allah. These words spoke out to my heart. This world is a tool, a tool that should be used to build our final homes.


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