Why do we break?


I learned something in a very concrete way yesterday. We had bought a set of 2 beds and it seems they were made of very weak material; so they broke. There was a serious problem in their foundation, but it took a break to find it. And as a result of the break, the man who fixed them, put a solid wood foundation that is now almost unbreakable. This also happens in our lives. We are full of inner deficiencies and weak foundations. But how are they exposed? They are exposed through a break. Through certain breaks, we become aware of particular deficiencies in our inner foundation. We become aware of deficiencies that we would otherwise not be able to see. And as a result of the break, the heart (and the bed) can be rebuilt stronger. Allahu akbar!

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  • 'Alimatunnisa

    Indeed.. Very true subhaanaLLAH. But patience and strength are very much required in the process of fixing the break. Keep faith, ALLAH yuyassir! :)

  • Khadijah Stott-Andrew

    SubhanAllah, this really made me think. Sometimes I break due to an unpleasant situation, naturally I blame the circumstances. It never occurred to me to look deeper than that.

  • I know exactly what you speak of, from both angles. I’ve had a weak bed break twice, only to finally be strengthened with the help of a solid extension that helps it stay up and working, Alhumdulillah. Also, I know through experiences plenty, how that analogy fits right in and shines true, masha’Allah; your words couldn’t have expressed the thought any more beautifully!

    ~ JazakAllah khayr for sharing :)


  • Saratasya86

    subhanallah.. yes this has just happened to me last friday at work between my boss and me. And i now can see the things that i need to improve. I just hope there’s still chance for my boss to be convinced…insyallah.. pls allah…

  • hearthasreasons

    aua, Jzk I really needed to read this.

  • umm habiba

    my bed( as in my marriage) is on the verge of break..may Allah forbid..my husband jus does not want to move ahead.. though broken im strengthened that the day he first suggested it was the day i started to regain my iman..im doing my best to make our marriage continue..buts its difficult with the other side on the opposite mindset..Whatever my Rabb has willed for me will happen.. Alhamdulillah im grateful to Him that atleast i have iman to hold onto n my heart feels calm..pls make duas for me n my family my dear brothers and sisters in faith.

    • Anonymous

      May Allah make this time easy on your and make it a means of getting closer to Him.

    • guest

      Sister, may Allah swt give you strength during this trial and allow you to tighten your hold on his rope. I will make duwa for you insha’Allah.

  • Zainab Urooj


    Loved reading..

  • sam

    Why did you buy a cheap bed sister? lol… i recommend going to sleepy’s

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