Reflections 4/18/12

The heart can withstand any calamity—except one: loving something as it should only love God.


Never make your happiness dependent on something inconstant—by definition everything, but God.


Once you awaken, every moment spent away from His remembrance is a misery. Its only when you’re still asleep that you can be distant without pain.


We ask God to cure us of our hardships, and never stop to consider that our hardships are curing us.


Let your heart go Home, even before your body arrives.


When you go to a doctor, you trust your affairs to him completely–even when you don’t understand the treatment. Even when it hurts. Even when it hurts a lot. You trust him because you know he is curing you. Our hearts are full of spiritual diseases and Allah wants to cure us. But we don’t trust the treatment.


If the goal of your striving is your own happiness, you will never reach it. But if you make the goal of all your striving, His happiness with you, your happiness will be insured. Your happiness will be in the process and in the result.


 There’s a time for words, and a time for silence. If you’re listening, you’ll hear the difference.


Love people for the sake of God, but never love God for the sake of people.


We carry this weight, that never leaves us. Sometimes a weight. Sometimes an emptiness. Sometimes the weight of emptiness. And maybe it never will leave. Maybe it never will leave us, until we meet Him.


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  • hakeemah

    assalaamu alaikum sis loved this post at a time i depended my happiness and sadness on things other than Allah :)
    I was just wondering i really loved your serenity radio episodes ,and watched them a few months back ,but now they cost money like the episodes: am I being tested or punished and the secrets of making life’s path easy I feel i’m at a time where i need to watch without the charge/cost
    I am asking because im a student and live internationally (not in the us) plus my parents wont pay

  • Salwa

    ماشالله you write so beautifully! May Allah bless you and your family and purify all our hearts انشأ الله

  • Sisterinislam

    beautiful sister May Allah bless and protect u in this life and hereafter

  • Aneebaba

    Beautiful Sr. Yasmin.

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