On treating broken hearts (love addictions)

band aid heart 2

If you are trying to get over a person you can’t be with, treat it like an addiction:
1. Cut yourself off from the drug completely: Cut off all communication and reminders–even if that means blocking numbers, emails, a Facebook profile, and stop checking their Facebook! This is your detox.

2. Replace it with something better: Increase in your thikr (remembrance of Allah) and get closer to Allah. If you aren’t praying your daily prayers, fix that. Pray all and pray on time. Pray qiyam in the last third of the night (just before fajr). Make duaa, tawbah (repentance), cry, plead to Allah. This is your treatment.

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  • This is exactly what I did. I would also suggest having a guide, teacher, or someone to lean on. Depending on how intense it is, you can’t do these things alone.

  • Manar

    Good advice. Thanks

  • s.

    what if we have to see those people everyday?

    • S.Bashir

      first of all make your mind. fully understand the importance what we are going to do? things becomes easy if we realise that we are making our Lord angry by doing what is forbidden and remember that we are answerable for every thing to Allah.we should fear Him for His wrath and hope for His Mercy. (but remember His mercy is over wrath).
      Avoid that person as far as possible. change your work place or section/batch if possible. if not possible, then lower your gaze and avoid talking unnecessarily. and each time, you feel weakened remind yourself Allah’s love and obedience and fear Allah’s anger.also remind yourself the reward given by Him in Aakhirah to those who strive for His love and obedient and punishment to those who are disobedient.Do all that which Sister Yasmin has told us.Repent and ask Allah for help, guidance and ease. of course it’s difficult but remember we have to strive for Allah’s love. if we are not able to do well, don’t loose hope. we have to try again and again (Allah knows our weakness and also what we have in our heart, He is Merciful). Be patient and have trust that He has decided for us the best. nothing is beautiful than His Love. a beautiful saying:IF EVERYONE IS PLEASED WITH YOU BUT ALLAH IS NOT, WHAT HAVE YOU GAINED?AND IF ALLAH IS PLEASED WITH YOU BUT NO ONE ELSE IS,WHAT YOU LOST?
      May allah guide us and help us.

      • Ayesha

        I try to do that but the thing is, that person is now with someone else, and although I don’t want him back I just want him to suffer as I have suffered a lot because of him. I can’t see him with anyone else. I just hate it. I end up crying and then think that Allah will be angry with me as HE will know that I still think about him which is Haraam! What should I do? I have to see him everyday with that girl and I just cannot tolerate it. Its affecting my studies. I want him to suffer. When will Allah punish him? Why am I the only on suffering? I know I did wrong by indulging in an Haraam relationship but he was an equal part of it. When does he get to suffer? Why is his life so perfect and not mine?

        • Aaina

          it will takes time to heal. And time is what you need the most to keep progressing. I’ve been in the situation before and both of them were my closest friends, so i know how bad it felt like when other people seems like having the greatest time of their life while you were heartbroken and struggling to get better. It’s almost felt like justice was not there to back you up, and all you can do is keep on suffering till it get better. But trust me, it does get better. Thats the beauty of this temporary life, everything is a part of progress and just phases combines together. Keep your head up, pray harder for ‘peace’ in your heart. Its okay to have a little hate in your heart for the hate was originated from the love that is broken. But don’t let the hate overcome your love, keep on doing the thing that make you feel good and better, and have a new routines like exercises or other new activities, add it up into your healing progress.

          Sometimes, hurt and pain can transform people into being bitter and cynical..so it’s really important to mix with the right crowd, the people that are positive and yet understanding of your situation. In my case, I go back to family and few closest friends. It took me, a part time job, a new university life, a lot of talking about it, a lot of praying, crying and running, movies, piercing and a getaway to another country to make me realized that what i had before was beautiful and true before it get worse and hurt me.

          If only I ACCEPT that sooner, the mortality of love is one of God way of showing me that everything in life is temporary (the good and the bad) and I shouldn’t hold on to it (love for another human) and put it more important than Him..I will heal faster, but you know..there’s no such thing cause what you need is to take some TIME.

          Accept that he’s not the best for you, for Allah know more and He is the Master of all Plans. I wish you all the best.

          • Ayesha

            Thankyou so much but the thing its been 2 years since it all happened but since both of them are in almost all of my classes it gets really difficult at times. Especially when I feel that they might end up married or something. I think I would probably go crazy with the injustice of that all. You have no idea how badly both of them have treated me and I want them to suffer as well but they just don’t seem too. There life is perfect, they both are good in studies, popular and happy together. I am okay when I done see them around but as soon as they are in front of me I become low and moody and get really depressed I cant even change my university as I have already done 2 years of my degree. I just hope things get better soon. I try to trust Allah and have faith in HIM but sometimes it becomes very difficult especially when I think they would end up getting married.
            I wish I could change my university or even my city and just put it all behind me but I guess I’ll still have to go through it for the next 2 years.
            I don’t want anything more than Allah being pleased with me and sometimes I think that this is all because I was indulged in a Haraam relationship that Allah is punishing me which makes me sadder. I dont wanna lose Allah and face HIS wrath!! I have already suffered enough if I lose Allah as well where will I go?

          • S.Bashir

            Sister Ayesha, may Allah bless you and ease you. I can understand, What are you feeling at the moment? It should be clear in our mind what is success? This dunyia describes the success as being wealthy, having good status or marry a person we love whether he is not fit for us or take us away from Allah. But in reality, to attain this dunyia is not success. You still be successful no matter you have nothing, no wealth, status, job or love of a special person etc. The criteria of success is what Allah has defined for us. Everyone who is striving for Allah, who loves for sake of Allah and do good deeds just for Him and leave everything which displeased Him or forbidden, is having REAL SUCCESS. If Allah takes that gift (thing or person) away which is a barrier between us and Allah, we still are in loss? If anyone indulges in dunyia and remains away from Allah, is it really a success? In Quran Allah says: No; but you prefer the present life, whereas the Hereafter is better and more enduring. (86;16-17). Lo! Man is in a state of loss; save those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and counsel each other to hold on to truth and counsel each other to be steadfast. (103; 2-3). So, what you think Allah is still injustice? (aoozo billah). Our Allah in His Mercy, is keeping that person away from you and making your way towards Him. So don’t be hopeless and lose your trust and faith. Be thankful to Allah for His blessings. You have wished for His love. So Allah has made your way towards REAL SUCCESS, SUBHANALLAH. So don’t be sad, Allah is not punishing you or angry with you, this is trap of shaitaan. Don’t bother others, what they are doing or saying. and remember each hardships is designed by Allah to purify us. To make gold pure, it has to be heated. Diamond is diamond, but to make it shiny, it has to undergo several cuts. Remind yourself all these things again and again whenever you are in agony.
            To leave this dunyia (person or thing), no doubt, seems to be difficult. And also we feel we are unable to do well. But remember we have to strive after each fall in a same way as an infant ultimately learns to walk after multiple falls. If he leaves struggle, he would never be able to walk. Just have trust and faith. Allah has best plan for you. He has selected for you the best person, be patient. Ask Allah for his help and guidance. He is merciful and loves to forgive His slaves. Recite Quran with tafseer, you will feel as Allah is consoling and guiding you through Quran. Also listen Surah Al-asr tafseer by brother Nouman to understand what is real success (http://youtu.be/608nVTVOXb0). Also listen lectures of sister Yasmin Mogahed “Love for sake of Allah” (http://youtu.be/1Fk4KuF60k4) “ why I cannot get what I want” (http://youtu.be/G8gw7x8huPY), read other articles “Why People Leave Each Other”, “Take Back Your Heart” And “Ocean Of Dunya”. Inshallh you will feel better. May Allah help us and guide us and include us in His slaves. Aamin.

          • Ms Ftameen

            Sr. Ayesha,

            Br. Bashir has advised you well. Take from the good he said and know that it is a reminder to you from your Lord.

            Allaah wants us to love HIM fiercely and after that we should love our Nabi. As was stated, your love is not mutual, thus you must let it go. Maybe you love a thing that is not good for you and maybe you hate a thing (patience, forgiveness) that is best for you.

            If you cannot get away from them, allow me to advise you this way. Remember, what you put out, is what you shall find in Paradise for yourself. If you would express a desire and a peacefulness for them to be happy, then Allaah will bless you with the happiest relationship ever, when HE decides you are ready. If you want them miserable, that is what you are putting out and that is what you shall reap back. That goes out into the spiritual realm of things and boomerangs right back to you, thus you find yourself miserable.

            When we truly love, we want what is best for that person. You must love him in a mature way, let go of him as a needed attachment and allow him to be happy, even if that is not with you. Tell yourself these things and keep convincing yourself of its truths. Allaah shall forever test you until you love HIM above all others. Turn towards HIM and HE will soothe your heart. HE is the only one that can help you to find the courage to let go. Know that it is a choice. You have held onto this for 2 years. It is time to let go and move on.

            You will never stop loving him but you can place that love in a stored away place in your heart, where you don’t allow it to control you anymore. May Allaah grant you strength to do that. Aameen

            May Allaah guide you and ease you. Aameen

          • Lil_miss94

            assalaamualaykum! sis can i use this part of your comment,,,,You will never stop loving him but you can place that love in a stored away place in your heart, where you don’t allow it to control you anymore. I put it up on my facebook, hope you don’t mind!

          • Lil_miss94

            want to put it on my Facebook*

          • donotcursedfall

            Sister Ayesha,

            I am in the same boat with you in that i was involved with a married co-worker. I still have to see him every blessed day except weekends of course.

            I have always vouched that i would never get involved with a married man nor a co-worker. However, After several months of of constant chasing from him, i found myself in a relationship with him. From the onset, i felt ashamed of myself and kept on promising myself that i would put a complete stop to it before it went any further but blame it on proximity and my own weakness to stop it, one thing led to another and almost everybody in the office knows we were together.

            A few months into it, an incident happened involved the two of us which was soo bad that my my dad sent me out of our house. I had to leave the comfort of my fathers house for almost two months.

            At this point, i felt that God was being unfair with me, that how could He allow him to continue fine with his normal life while i was facing issue upon issue with my family. we were such a close-knit family. I kept asking God why and wished sooo badly that he too have his own share of the pain and emotional upheaval i was in. But it seemed like the more i suffered, the more his wife loved him and life became good for him( can u imagine having to overhear his telephone conversations with his wife, having to see how she was catering to him: bringing him lunch etc, how happy he was being with his marriage, etc) It got me, thinking, if he was that happy in his marriage, why did he pursue me and try to mess my life up? It drove me mad cus if he didn’t pursue me too hard, i would have been involved with him talk-less of lose my respect and integrity with my parents who always held me at a high esteem. Lord knows i how i was struggling to remain chaste till God gives me a good Muslim husbands. I am not perfect, but i strive to be as modest and chaste as i can. Lord knows this has always been my jihad.:

            But Alhamdullilah, with the help with this incredible site and suhaibwebb, i am beginning to gradually release all the bitterness and grudges cus i’ll just be harming myself.

            What’s Done is done!!

            I now gear my energy towards being a better Muslim. I am striving to turn all the negativity i used to harbour into positivity because you cannot love Allah as He should be loved if you do not “empty the vessel” off all hatred,ill and revengeful thoughts.

            So Sister Ayesha, please strive to do same as that is the only way to be reach our goals of filling our hearts with the love of Allah SWT.

            Life can never be smooth. Just as Sister Yasmin said, Transformation usually begins with a fall. So do not curse the fall. Let’s Rise Up and become better, wiser, more God- Conscious and more Spiritually purified!!

            Allah will make the journey easier for us iA.

        • Ms Ftameen

          Dear Ayesha,

          We each must focus on ourselves, our errors and our duties to our Lord. You must learn to be grateful that Allaah has taken you away from this forbidden love. Forgiveness is what you want and need, yet it eludes you because you cannot forgive another. Forgiveness is for the self, it is not for the other, necessarily.

          Being angry with another person, is like drinking poison yet expecting them to die from it. This is what you are doing. He who angers you, controls you. Forgive him as you want Allaah to forgive you. Don’t forgive him and then why should Allaah forgive you? How will you ever find peace this way?

          You have lived disobeying your Lord. Now to get over this, live by obeying your Lord and part of that is, leaving things that do not concern you alone. What he does with her is not your business, not your worry, not your concern. Let go and let God deal with him. He is suffering, we all suffer unbeknownst to others. Just because you don’t see him suffering and even if he doesn’t suffer today, you must know that Allaah is JUST and will make sure both of you suffer. You are suffering with this exaggerated attachment for someone who is not good for you, as you two pursued haraam together. The best person for us is the one who leads us to do good things.

          I do not intend to preach to you here, or condemn you but I am reaching out a hand to uplift you, my sister , to encourage and remind you, that the best for you has yet to come. Yet, you shall never see it until you close this door behind you. When one door closes, another opens. Be at peace dear sister. Let go of him by following all of the good preceding advice. Get busy taking care of yourself and showering ‘you’ with all the love and care you gave to another. Right now, your self esteem is in the dumps. You have given him your power and your sense of self worth. Take it back. Look in the mirror and remind yourself of the awesome woman, full of love, that is staring back, at you Love your Lord, love yourself and God will do the rest.

          Baarakallahu wa fiki wa As Salaamu Alaikum,

          Your sister in deen, who loves you for the sake of Allaah.

        • Asif Adnan

          Forgiveness is a good virtue. Its really hard to forgive, but I try to do that. And I always try to remember that, every incident in our life is a test from the greater being.

      • s.

        jazakallah khair

  • Hajrah

    Really nice. These things are needed. Yes, what if you have to see that person everyday? Studies in your class?

    • Haajar Farah

      If the person studies in your class and you can’t change or do anything about that, you should pray to Allah (swt) that he relieves you from this great attachment you have with the being. Your love for Allah swt is by far greater than that of anyone’s, therefore indulge in acts of worship. Insha’Allah you will be consumed by the sweetness of your actions so that you won’t realize your obsession with the being. Walhamdulilah 3alaa kuli haal.

  • Kailya

    Great advice!

  • Ahmed12galal

    should everyone makes that, then u’ll notice that en sha Allah when u’ll get closer to Allah …..


    if this person Ur relatives like mother-in-law, sister-in law? Im suffering a lot for not getting love from them and even they unjustified with us. we build a apartment with my sister-in-law and she controlling everything even our portion….and my mother-in law totally support her! Would u suggest me….i don’t sleep…feel very anxious and sick!doctor gave me depression medication but im seeking help from religious way which my Allah love….

    • S.Bashir

      May Allah help you, ease you and bless you with peace of mind, soul and heart. Whenever we face any type of problem in our life, remember that it’s a test by Allah S.W.T to check that who are His slaves and do good deeds and who are wrong doers. When we remind this to ourselves then it removes the question which arises in our mind like why we? And also removes depression and sadness. Then in each and every hardship we should ask Allah for His help and guidance and remember EACH HARDSHIPS IS DESIGNED BY ALLAH TO BRING US CLOSER TO HIM AND TO PURIFY US.
      IN THIS SCENERIO, which you have mentioned, there are two ways to deal, either do wrong to them as they had done wrong (but this is what Allah has forbidden and doesn’t want from His slaves) or do Sabr and Ehsan (be good to them) and forgive them for their mistakes. For these, Allah guides us in Quran. In suah Al-Asr He says:” BY THE TIME! LO! MAN IS IN A STATE OF LOSS; SAVE THOSE WHO HAVE FAITH AND DO RIGHTEOUS DEEDS, AND COUNSEL EACH OTHER TO HOLD ON TO TRUTH AND COUNSEL EACH OTHER TO BE STEADFAST (SABR).” And he has also promised for rewards that do sabr: “AND WILL REWARD THEM FOR THEIR STEADFASTNESS (SABR) WITH PARADISE AND ROBES OF SILK.” (76:12). In Quran two other qualities of believers has described, besides Imaan, which lead them to success i.e; sabr and rehm: “AND, THEN BESIDES THIS, HE BE ONE OF THOSE WHO BELIEVED, AND ENJOINED UPON ONE ANOTHER STEADFASTNESS AND ENJOINED UPON ONE ANOTHER COMPASSION. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE RIGHT HAND.” (90:17-18).If anyone does wrong with us we have asked to forgive in a hope to be forgiven by Allah: “LET THEM FORGIVE AND OVERLOOK, DO YOU NOT WISH THAT ALLAH SHOULD FORGIVE YOU? FOR ALLAH IS OFT-FORGIVING, MOST MERCIFUL.” (24:22)
      So whenever you have to face any act which harms you or displeased you, remind yourself Allah’s reward, which He has promised for Sa’bireen, Moh’sineen and Sa’leheen. At times, it seems difficult to do sabr, ehsaan and forgive but when we focus on to Allah’s love and forgiveness (not on hardship itself) and the ultimate reward ‘Jannah’, things become easy. Ask for Allah’s help, mercy and guidance. Offer obligatory prayers, do dikhr and remind yourself the way Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) behaved with the relatives. Initially, we face difficulty, but then Allah through His mercy makes the things easy for believers either by removing hardships or to do good deeds becomes easy, as He says: “AS FOR HIM WHO GAVE OUT HIS WEALTH (FOR ALLAH’S SAKE) AND ABSTAINED (FROM DISOBEYING HIM), AND AFFIRMED THE TRUTH OF GOODNESS: WE SHALL FACILITATE FOR HIM THE WAY TO BLISS. AS FOR HIM WHO WAS A MISER AND BEHAVED WITH AVERSION (TO ALLAH), AND DENIED THE TRUTH OF GOODNESS: WE SHALL FACILITATE FOR HIM THE WAY TO HARDSHIP”. (92:5-10)
      So don’t be depressed on their behaviors. Trust Allah. He is just testing you, purifying you and making your way towards Jannah. Everyone is answerable to Allah for his deeds. And then everyone will get according to his deeds in Aakhira. May Allah help you, ease you and bless you with peace of mind, soul and heart.

      • S.Bashir

        Also recite Quran regularly with translation and tafseer.you will feel Allah is guiding you and consoling you through Quran.
        also sister yasmin’s lecture “Overcoming sadness and depression” ( LINK:http://youtu.be/74ZK4FEMKYg) And other “Hadships and path to God”, “Contentment with decree of God” will help you.

  • hearthasreasons

    Assalamu alaikum,
    I am dealing with a broken heart. This was really helpful. JZK

  • Wafa

    If the person you love is indulging in Haraam but you do not speak to them very often and youre not even sure if you have any right to tell them anything..how can you give Da’wah to them?
    Is Dua alone sufficient given the circumstances?

  • Ayesha

    Sister Yasmin! I try to do that but the thing is, that person is now with someone else, and although I don’t want him back I just want him to suffer as I have suffered a lot because of him. I can’t see him with anyone else. I just hate it. I end up crying and then think that Allah will be angry with me as HE will know that I still think about him which is Haraam! What should I do? I have to see him everyday with that girl and I just cannot tolerate it. Its affecting my studies. I want him to suffer. When will Allah punish him? Why am I the only on suffering? I know I did wrong by indulging in an Haraam relationship but he was an equal part of it. When does he get to suffer? Why is his life so perfect and not mine?

    • Ibrahim

      salamu alaikum sister! your story is like many of others. I am not an expert, but in Islam we have the solution to every single problem. You cannot be held accountable for the evil thoughts in your heart, since you do not control them, but you will be if you act or utter something upon those thoughts. I will advise in steps.

      1. Remember the goal of your life: worship ALLAH alone. How do you do that? By loving ALLAH the most and following His commands. Then love the prophet (SAWS) more than everyone else by following his sunna. If your love for them increases your heart will be cured and you will not bother that much about those guys. Read Qur’an everyday, be it 5 verses per day with the intention to get closer to ALLAH. Insha ALLAH you will the comfort of eeman.

      2. Be busy doing benefitial things. I assume you spend so much time thinking about them. It erodes your heart and entertains you in tougher and tougher situations. Read about Islam, gain knowledge, help people, be kind to everyone, remember ALLAH so much, etc and insha ALLAH your heart will find rest. Pray tahajjud as already mentioned and fast mondays and thursdays. Fasting will allow you lower you gaze and reduce your lusts. Change your orientation. Do not forget that this life is a test and jannah is the best place to be. And remember that if you forgo something for the sake of ALLAH he will replace it by something better.

      3. Evaluate yourself, your character. Walk with righteous sisters who will advise you and keep you in the religious ambiance. Be determined and sincere to change and strive towards that. ALLAH wil not let you down. Do not envy those guys. You left a haraam relationship to follow the sunna. It is painful but besides pain is ease. Have “sabr” (patience, lightly translated). Sabr also entails behaving well in any situation.

      And ALLAH knows best!

      May He make things better for muslims across the world! Aameen!

  • Riham

    May ALLAH help all broken hearts :( Amin

  • Uzma fazal

    this is your treatment and its a best treatment i have experience.

  • Asif Adnan

    good suggestions and inspiring as well.

  • Hsarah

    How would you deal with someone you were with for two years and they leave you without any remorse? They lie to you, use you, and go back to something they promised they wouldnt?

    • Saurora

      Assalamu alaikum,

      Then thank Allah (SWT) for allowing you to see the true nature of that person. As cliche as it sounds, that person never deserved to be with you in the first place. Definitely been in your place. To the point where it reached almost marriage. Yes, it is heart-breaking, but you must realize that you dodged a huge bullet. Thank Allah that you saw this person’s true nature now rather than later. Better late than never right?

      You said that this person lied to you, used you, and went back to something they promised they wouldn’t. They do not know your real value. Allah created all of us with so much value and love. We all are so capable of doing so much in our lives. Please please please do not underestimate your worth. I understand that this still stirs up a certain feeling in your heart, but that’s where Allah comes in to mend all wounds.

      The prayer I still make is for Allah to open my heart to finding peace and towards Islam. For Him to help me gain the will to repent because I know sometimes it is hard for us to fully repent from the bottom of our hearts. And for Allah to help you have the intention of changing. I believe many things in life are about intention. And Allah knows us best obviously. So if you show the INTENTION to want to change or to want to find peace and be closer to your iman and Him, then insha’Allah you will gain it. Patience is one of my biggest weaknesses but it still til this day continues to be tested by little things in life. I just pray for patience for all of us.

      Insha’Allah this helped. It’s quite early in the morning hah. Salam and insha’Allah all the best for you and my fellow sisters :)

      • SarahfromDbx

        Thank you for the reply.
        I cant begin to say how this has been the worst time of my life. Everything you have said makes perfect sense but even now for some reason its easier said than done? My lord knows how I have turned to Allah and feel that this is the time where I need my lord the most but at the same time I question myself that for two years I prayed day and night for this relationship to turn into halal. Day and night I prayed and prayed and I was made to believe that it was all worth it and within a second after lies and deceits for two years everything has been crushed?

        Despite all his flaws, bad deeds, and everything bad about him, I made this one person my everything. We had a great relationship. His family knew, i was ready to tell mine and we went through our worst times together and in the end he leaves me for someone of a different religion and colour? Somebody whom before he met me he told me was just a college fling? The same person who ruined his life by giving birth to a haram child that he said he wants nothing to do with. Lying to me and telling me that he doesnt want anything to do with them, even denied them. And like an idiot I believed him. God knows I gave him the chance to make it work with them but he just led me on telling me he wanted it all with me that I even believed I have nothing to worry about? And one day without any remorse, apology but just a phone call and telling me what it is and thats it? And if i ask for an answer for all the lies he made to me he says ‘that was then’

        Maybe it is my fault for loving somebody so much and ignoring the power of Allah that what he can put in your posession he can take it away too, but for some silly reason lies a part of me that wants answers, that wants to know why is it that this happened? I cant ever love again. This was my first and last. Ive lost all my faith in loving someone, instead ive been left with painful memories and just a broken heart to the extent im haunted with the hurtful pain even in my sleep to the extent your even too scared to close your eyes. I have started praying 5 times and inshallah remain to do so. Maybe this is my punishment for making someone my everything whilst he lives a life full of happiness.


        • Sister S

          I know this is a late reply but I went through exactly what you went through sister Sara. I too was with someone for 2 years to the extent that we were going to get married and his family knew
          (even though they were not happy) and my family also knew.

          However, the whole thing just ended and I too was left without answers and a broken heart. I wanted to know why? How? Who? He had good qualities and bad as we all do but he also promised me many things and broke them promises too. It was the worst time of my life and like you I had also prayed all the time for what we had to develop into marriage. And it didn’t.

          I made him my everything too just like you did. I think this was our problem, only allah should be our everything. I know at the moment this is hard for you but believe me you will heal. Turn to Allah, cry to Him, beg for forgiveness. The pain will not disappear the next day but the more you turn to Allah the more your eyes will open. You will realise that this is not a punishment or a prison of pain and heartbreak this is actually freedom. Allah has saved you from the worst thing that could have happened to you. Say alhamdulillah look how much Allah loves you that He took something away that would have destroyed you. The pain you are feeling now may be nothing compared to the pain you would have felt if you married this man and then saw his true colours, no, that would have been much worse.

          I also believed I would not love ever again! But love, true love, only exists between you and your Lord you will see in time sister… It may not feel like that now but I know you will look back and be so grateful that Allah saved you. And He has something much better planned for you. Trust Him, love Him and you will never feel heartbreak again. I don’t know if you have read sister Yasmins book but it is amazing and will help you through this test.

          • MK

            I just went throught the same thing a couple months ago, i was in an illicit relationship with a woman for two years, i treated her so well and she even accepted Islam, I was convinced we were going to get married but she ended up regressing and now ive found myself turning back to Allah. Im happy hes shown me such a mercy and opened my eyes to things.

  • Aqeel

    The Ummah has a lot of Spiritual issues (classified as Psychological Disorders) in the West.. One of them being dependencies on the temporary attachments of this world.. As a result of Childhood abandonment (its a blessing in disguise since Many Prophets of Allah never had a complete childhood with their Parents) the child grows up trying to reach out to that special someone… But everything is bound to disappoint and Leave except for Allah.. He will be there for you and will NEVER abandon you….

    Maa Wadda3aka Rabbuka Wa Maa Qalaa…

  • K_sharmilla


    I truly say’s alhamdhulillah to bring me into this site.

    Im too 1 of the broken the broken heart. I would seek for a good advice from here to give me a better strength inshaAllah.

    I were involved into a relationship after the lost of my fiance in a flight crashed. Almost 2 year i were too in pain and totally lost with my life path. Alhadhulillah I recovered with all the guidance of my family members. Finaly after 2 years I truly find a wonderful guy in my life.

    We had so much good sharing thought at the same time we had also shared bad thoughts too. Our life were really happy it just that we were waiting to send this proposed to our both parents. But sadly i were not able to introduced to my family members at this time as there were few other issue involved within my othr brother’s wedding preparation. So i tend to told him to hold on till my brother’s wedding get resovled. At the same time we to had some small arguments wic i were not appreciating whnever he shows his care. I tend to neglect becoz i were too much stressed with my family issues. I could not give a proper concentration. I had a good love on him but it just the time that i had so much commitements with my family issues.

    This dragged for few days till He got pissed off, and he decided to end our relationship. I were totaly broked and all i felt in my heart not to loose him in my life. I’ve lost my fiance which i will neva get back, but he is still alive alhamdhulillah where i can put more effort to get him back into my life.

    I’ve tried all my possible way, I did start seeking for Allah’s help, I did read thru lots of islamic speech to get a proper solution. Finally from the great speacker ZaKir Naik ive got a solution. In Islam the best way to proposed to follow the islamic way. Bring your father or if u are scard bring your brother. InshasAllah whn u do sumthing in islamic way everthing will be fine.

    I did follow the same way, I had 1st told all the problem i had to my brother, and wanted him to explain to him to accept me back and forgives for my mistakes. But he still rejected me. Then again i took anthr innitiative to seek for my Dad’s help, but my dad deals with polite by giving time to him for 1 month to make a proper decision and come. Alhadhulillah i wish that he will realli take a proper decision.

    But i came to know that he did not take any serious action towards wat my dad has given him. I guess he is stuburn enough to accept me. All i would wish is, I know this relationship is not a good manner, but i would save our both sin’s. We had been together, i dont want to break this relationship, rather i would hope this to be till our marriage life inshaAllah till jannah. We both had made so much promises to have our life till jannah. So i just cant take this pain. I would realli wish him to realize the love and the change in me to give me a chance to accept me back in his life. InshAllah i would promise to be a good ones for him. But i just dnt know what else to be done, so that he could feel that wat he had done is wrong, I just wants him to know that our relationship should be till jannah, He had mad his decision in anger, wic is totally wrong. I would realli wish allah soften his heart and open to accept me back. Please advice me.

  • fatxia said mohamed

    am really heart broken muslim girl and i can’t help my self so please help from u my sister yasmin

  • Sarah

    What if the person I wish to marry–very pious, religious, good manners–comes from a not so good family? I really respect how this brother studied Islam out of his own accord despite his family’s views and after volunteering with him and getting to know him as my brothers’ friend, I truely admire his sensitivity and piety. His immediate family is not religious but they are supportive. In his extended family, he has a couple cases of domestic abuse. However, he is not at all like that–his gentle nature is something exemplary. I’ve done istikhara many times and each time my conviction grows. My father likes the boy, my mother won’t even consider it. What should I do?

  • Sharima

    Sukran for all you’ve shared! You make us more better Muslim, Yasmin. May ALLAH bless you more.

  • Flash

    Asa Yasmin
    I m 34 yr old got Married and divorced both times I married impotents both times now I am alone and in sever depression plz guide me what should I do

    • YasminMogahed

      Ultimately, it is Allah that guides us all. Know that Allah is always there, he says “Call upon me and I shall answer your call” Allah states that he will answer your call. Call upon him with a humble heart and learn to put all your trust, love and reliance on Him alone.

      – Yasmin Mogahed

  • Muslim Spice

    Ibnul Qayyim’s great works of the heart come to mind. Lowering the gaze would prevent many a Muslim from being in such predicaments in the first place. And to Allah do we plead and seek His help.

  • Nurul


    I’ve been in relationship with a guy for 7 years and we’re planning to get married next year. Everything is well-planned, and our relationship gets our parents’ blessing. Just recently, I caught him had an affair with a GUY. He said he loves me, and wants me to be his wife and wants to spend his lifetime with me, but he actually is bisexual, and I just found out all this thing recently. All this while, for 7 years, he’s been hiding his activity and bisexual nature away from me. I was so shocked and devastated.
    Dear sister, I need a piece of advice from you. I dont have strength to forgive him and I’m so upset and disappointed with him. I feel that he’s using me, he’s betraying me.how do I deal with this? It’s hurting me so bad.

    • Jimbo


      I’m sorry to hear that.. I can imagine that betrayal feeling though i’ve never been through that kind of situation. As of now at least.

      But i know how hurt it is to be heart broken by someone we love and care the most. My advice is, cry. Cry as much as you need. Cry because it’s hurt. Cry because we can’t bear it.

      And pray to Allah. Pray for strength to forgive and let go. Pray for strength to go through the grieving phase.

      Lastly, try to be as rational as you can. Yes you’re losing someone you’ve loved for a very long time. But on the side note, Allah has saved you trouble for the next 20years maybe. It hurts now but the sooner you find things out the better. Thank Allah for this.

  • Seekingguidance

    What do u do when you was with that person for 4 yrs throughout both had intention to marry was sorting out our lives to then come to our families so they accept each person and not fall into the ‘status’ or ‘good job’ or ‘educated’ then when you finally tell them as you both feel you have done everything for them to consider it. But one side of the side does not even want to consider it won’t even look into the other side as it does not meet their ‘standards’ or they strongly feel that person is not good enough so they make you end which the two people did straight away for the sake of family end it and completely shut eachother out of their lives but are finding it hard but do not tell anyone just keep it to themselves and look to Allah for guidance by praying, reading and keeping focus to get though the heartache….is the family unjust? or did they have good reason?

  • How can you heal from heartbreak, if for the past 5 years every man I’ve met has behaved the same way just lying, using me to satisfy their own desires && making me feel worth less, and at the end of it all they leave as If I was just an object to be thrown away when it’s not longer useful. I’ve prayed to overcome it but for some reason I see no results.

    • Anonymous

      Remember, people can only use you, if you let them. And they can only treat you cheaply if you reduce your own price tag. Never reduce your own price tag. People need to pay a high price to have a Muslim woman.

  • Kiran

    I was with someone
    Very very happy for 5 years, and one day everything just changed, he said he didnt love me anymore after 5years??! 2 years on i still cry myself to sleep
    I try to pray my 5 daily namaz but he is on my mind most of the day, its so hard
    I fall asleep prayin to Allah to make this easy for me, i dont know what to do, its so hard, his dad didnt agree to us being together neither did my parents, but i know in time they would have come to terms with it. Till this day we still talk, he changed his number and got engaged, two weeks later he started calling me and textin me beggin me to see him, and to explain getting engaged wasnt his choice, i know its wrong but i still see him its so hard to not see him, to say no when he says ‘come see me’ writing this i have tears in my eyes
    He still does alot for me, i dont know if hes still engaged as when i spend days with him his phone never buzzes, as far as im aware about 3 months ago he told me in 3 weeks he spoke to her only once
    I dont know what to do
    I dont know whether to wait or not, i rejected many marriage proposals for him, (before i found out he was engaged) (he didnt even have the guts to tell me i found out by going through his phone) i dont know whether to wait for him or whether to move on, can someone please advise me on what to do or read? To help me through this, i will In shaa Allah continue praying to Allah
    Please Ya Allah help me through this Ameen
    Please my brothers n sisters can you please do dua for me

    • Ayeshah.H

      Dear Kiran, i understand what u are going through. I was in a relationship with someone for 2 and a half years. one day everything fell apart. he ended the relationship with a stupid excuse. i was completely lost at that time because i had been relying on him emotionally. a few months after, he started texting and one day told me that he wanted to work things out. being still in love with him at that time, i gave him a chance, believing his words. it soon proved that it was the biggest mistake i’ve done in life. a month later, he told me that he has moved one, that he had found someone else. i hate him to this day and could not find a reason to forgive him. despite what everybody around me is saying, i could not forgive him for the pain he put me through because until now, i am still hurting.

      please do not waste ur time waiting for him. many men will say the sweetest things just to get u, but it doesnt mean that they will appreciate u. do not give him another chance to break ur heart again. i’ve done that and is now still suffering from the consequences. i only speak and cry to Allah about my pain, because no one else could understand it. pray to Allah and ask for guidance. one thing that this experience taught me is that no love is eternal other than Allah.

      • Kiran

        Thank u so much for ur advise
        I know its really hard but i just hope Allah an help me through in shaa Allah this is not good
        If hes ment to be mine then Allah will make it happen if not theres no point in even attempting to fight fate

    • Anonymous

      Dear Kiran,

      You need to move on. You need to see this as an addiction. You need to completely stop seeing him or talking to him. Firmly resolve to cut off all ties with him and seek the help of Allah, and you will be cured insha Allah. But if you pray to Allah, while at the same time taking sips of poison, you can’t wonder why you’re still in pieces.

      May Allah make it easy for you.

      • Kiran

        Thank u so much
        I love the example you gave about sipping poison
        Eye opener
        I just hope n pray Allah can help me through this, help out memories fade and show me the light
        Please keep me in your duas

  • Diana

    My name is Diana I am from United States, I was I a relationship with
    Ben and we loved and cherished ourselves for 3 good years and every
    thing was going on smoothly but February 14, 2012 a day I can call a
    lovers day we both had misunderstanding because I answered a call from a
    guy that is asking me out for a date but I refused, and he told me that
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  • Diana

    My name is Diana I am from United States, I was I a relationship with
    Ben and we loved and cherished ourselves for 3 good years and every
    thing was going on smoothly but February 14, 2012 a day I can call a
    lovers day we both had misunderstanding because I answered a call from a
    guy that is asking me out for a date but I refused, and he told me that
    the relationship is over and that he is fed up with me and I begged him
    because I love him so much but he refused me I was so down cast and I
    felt the world has come to an end for me but my friend told me about a
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  • Eddie Slimcash

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  • asra

    i have been in a relationship for past 4yrs, that guy is from kashmir, and he was everything to me,i sacrificed my entire life for him, despite of his egoistic nature and selfishness n his rude behaviour i always made him feel like a royal king.i have been into depression since 4years, because as we we planned to get married, his parents were completely against this relationship n wenever his parents started to create drama , he always left me alone to suffer.but still i didnt loose hope n fought for my love n that too alone, n after 4years when i convinced them for marriage,they landed up to my home n for engagement n created drama infront of my family n humiliated me on my looks despite beinf that i am pretty good looking hehumiliated me a lot n and his parents too..and now he is getting engaged to someoder girl of his parents choice as they always wished of a kashmiri girl,why allah is not punishing him,i need my love back, why allah is not answering to my prayers.

  • Bux

    slms to everyone. I was reading everyones comments about their heartbreaks. I too am currently going through one. The only time i began feeling as though I was moving was when I cut him out of my life. I blocked him from twitter, deleted his number, and stopped going on social media. The only one who has really helped through all this is Allah, for only Allah truley understands our pain. Alot of time when I am looking for answers I just randomly open a page in the quran and read the english translation and feel as though Allah is talking to me.
    I also began reading a few names from the 99 names of Allah after each salaah. In this situation I realised that we need to trust Allah for he created us nd he alone that which is best for us.
    I still love my ex. He is now with a non-muslim girl.In the past months he has treated me very badly. He waited to get over me and then he ended things with me. I have never felt heartbreak like this before. For so long i prayed to Allah to punish him for what he did to me. But we must remember that Allah knows our condition. I am greatful to Allah for opening my eyes to this. But at the same time, I am greatful to Allah for showing me my faults also so I can become a better person. Alot of you need to stop concentrating on your ex’s and start tending to yourself. That’s the only way you going to move on. Allow your heart to feel the pain, its the only way you will move on, but remember Allah is with you and Allah promises that after difficulty comes ease.
    A few months ago I also stoppedreading my salah, but by doing so I harmed my self and I allowed the state of my imaan to deteriorate. Trust that Allah knows whats best for you. Even though my heart hurts and it still loves, I ask Allah to remove these feelings from my heart and give me someone who i deserve and someone who is perfect for me. I do believe that there is a day coming whenI will look back and we glad this happened. And I think you should too.

    • Anonymous

      Just beautiful.

    • Mayah

      Very beautifully said. I need to follow in your footsteps. I’ve read all the comments and what Yasmin Mogahed suggests. This is for sure like breaking an addiction. Inshallah I will learn from you and try and do this.

  • Ani

    I came across this page and read some of the stories.it was heart aching to see so many sisters suffering. when i was young i always wondered why a woman suffered and was punished more than a man. i came to the conclusion that we women let our emotions and heart control us. i know that Masha’allah we are smart but only if we use our mind and trust our guts, we would be doing much better. everything happens for a reason and from that we are to gain experience. Allah never puts you through a test if you gained nothing in return.

    i was in a relationship for 2 years and from the start i did not trust the guy and i knew the red flags were there but somehow i thought he deserved a chance. the more chances i gave the more worse i was making it for myself. giving man a chance is like giving him a gun to put it through your chest and giving second chance is like letting them shoot u again because they missed you the first time.

    i do not regret a bit of the relationship because it really opened my eyes and thought me to protect my heart and that my heart is precious, the only man that deserves it is the one that will be with me in a halal way. if you put that statement in your head and believe in it by heart you will learn to never give your heart to anyone but Allah. there will be no regrets, no broken hearts, nor comparing yourself with others or wanting what others have because Allah has already planned someone for each of us and it is matter of time that either they find us and or we find them.

  • mahnoor

    Salaam. I was in a relationship with a boy in my class my entire teenage..but all those years I felt this relationship was very one-sided. I used to see him take me for granted..me paying for all our calls..buying him expensive presents on his birthdays. ..doing all sorts of stuff just to make him happy.he loved me..but I guess never showed it.we were best frnds..i would tell him evrything and so would he..but i always need that lil more attention frm him ..which i saw my frnds get frm their bfs.which is why during the last year of school I started having feelings for a Shia guy. He loved me..adored me..gave me all the attention nd affection I ever wanted. In those days my bf came up to my parents nd got we got engaged. After a few months he saw my mails with that Shia guy nd got really hurt…I apoligised…cried..but couldn’t stop talking to that Shia guy..my bf used to find out argue with me but I used to apologize nd get it sorted…this kept on happening for a year..nd everything started getting soo bitter. I started going in clinical depression..everything was just messed up. I ddint know what to decide..as my parent’s would’ve never agreed to that Shia guy because I belong to a conservative sunni family. Now 2 months ago my bf ended things with me officially..his mom called my mom nd ended everything. Since that day I feel soo heart broken. He was my first love.I always wished to marry him..nd now I lost him all bymmyself. I stoped talking to that Shia guy for good now..because I feel it’s unfair for him to be with a gurl who dosnt hv feelings for him..nd partly because I think he’s the one because of whom I lost my love.I feel soon broken..soo hollow from inside. When Allah knew I loved this one guy soo much even more than my parents y did all this happen. I also did istikhara regarding him nd me..nd I didn’t feel right. I hv turned towards Allah trying to find peace…but I think bout my bf everyday..crying myself to sleep has become normal now.i still cnt except hes not there in my life anymore.I hv this strong urge to beg him to come back..but I keep thinking I ddint feel good when i did istikhara. What should I do? I feel I don’t hv any love left in me anymore.pls advise me.tell me some dua to get rid of this guilty feeling.should I contact my bf or should I think about my ego? My heart feels really empty.

  • maria

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  • Ibrahim Hasan

    I love her…she loves me too…I want her from Allah in my every prayer…She’s married to someone else to please her parents….Only me and my Allah knows,how I’m feeling…I can’t speak,can’t stop tears,can’t concentrate on anything…I want her after my death and again in this life……What should I do????……can anyone help me?????

  • Broken

    As salam o elikum!
    I am in love with a guy. He sent the proposal but due to community, status etc (all materialistic things) my father didn’t consider it. Then I was forcefully engaged to someone. Now I m in alot of pain. Sometimes I try to pull myself together but I fail to. It has been really tough for me. I don’t want to be disloyal to the other guy. I also feel maybe I am being punished for my sins. I haven’t stop asking for forgiveness. I have started taking my prayers seriously. I have placed complete faith in Allah. I do ask him for the best. But my heart doesn’t seem to find rest and peace. I can’t stop crying. Life seems to have stopped for me.
    I am still in contact with my ex. I don’t want to move on. I am scared of liking the person I m engaged to. I want to stay where I m.
    Please advice.

    • Anonymous

      Wa alaikum assalam,

      May Allah make it easy on you and guide your steps towards what pleases Him most. A few things:

      1. When you sincerely repent to Allah, He forgives. Remember Allah is the most forgiving the most merciful. If He has forgiven you, then why would he be ‘punishing you for your sins’?

      2. Your parents are not allowed to force you to marry someone you don’t want. This is not Islamically allowed. You need to respectfully refuse to marry someone you don’t want to marry. This is your right and it is not allowed for them to force you.

      3. You need to pray istekhara and ask Allah to do what is best for you. Don’t blindly get attached to one thing because you don’t know what’s best for you. Ask Allah for what’s best and ask Him to guide your heart and steps. And ask Him to make it easy.


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