Break Free

I close my eyes and dream quietly of breaking free.

I dream of breaking every single chain that has ever held me.

I cut them.

I throw glass cups against the wall.

Every vase shatters, and then I’m set free.


I will own love.

Love will never own me.

To break free is the only object of life.

Every up.

Every down.

Every turn.

Every stab.

Every pleasure.

Every pain.

Every loss.

Every gain.

Every broken chain.

Was just to allow your entire heart,



and being

to realize la illah illah Allah.

Tell this imprisoned soul that it will never be owned. Nothing will ever own you.

But God.

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  1. Beautiful…

  2. Laa illah illah Allah

  3. jazaka allaho

  4. beautiful…

  5. Masha ALLAH!! :)

  6. Masha ALLAH
    Heart touching.
    So simple,
    Yet So Beautiful.
    May Allah give you Jaza’ay Khair Sister Yasmin.

  7. jazakllah masha all very beautiful

  8. Masa Allah!! these words are true soul soothers

  9. MashaAllah sister, it is so difficult to break every chain. I think I’m down to the last one.

  10. May Allah reward you the highest jannah sister; I ve been reading and weeping… I feel my heart cleansed, my lenses cleared… and my pain eased!
    Allah is indeed the only One who is ever omnipresent, I was feeling, Alhamdulillah, very lonely, helpless (but never hopeless), scared, and unbearably tired. I ran into your website, or shall I rather say Allah held my hand and guided me to it to soothe me, mend me… so that I may become free… first step on my path to be “delivered”!

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