Storm Coming

Imagine you were told a hurricane was coming and it would destroy anyone who didn’t take shelter. What would happen? Those who believed, would take shelter and provision before it hit. Those who didn’t believe would go on with their lives, as if nothing was coming. But could someone *really* believe it, and yet do nothing to prepare or save themselves? Could someone *really* believe it and yet continue to live their lives, as if nothing was coming? Could someone really know a storm was about to hit and let themselves be destroyed? Brothers and sisters, there are no surprises. You and I are told with certainty, death is coming. With certainty, a Day of Accountability is coming. But what have we prepared? Do we *really* believe?

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  • Guest

    I know you said that we should forgive. But can we forgive in this life and still pray for justice in the hereafter? Can we forgive but still ask Allah (swt) to make the person stand in front of us on the day of all judgements and answer for their actions? Or is that not forgiveness?

    • donotcursedfall

      In my opinion, that is not forgiveness. When you forgive someone, you should mean it completely without any reservations so much so that if you were given the opportunity for vendetta, you will not make use of it because, although you might remember the bad things/injustice done to u, yet you do not need to revenge or ask for your pound of flesh for you have forgiveen and let go.

      That is my opinion. May God forgive us and give us hearts to forgive. Amiin

  • Short yet very thought-provoking piece. Jazaka Allahu Khairan sis!

  • Hunza

    Amazing..everything i read here, is nothing but true…May Allah reward you for your efforts and also use us in His way Aameen

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