I Greive

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I Grieve
By: Yasmin Mogahed
I lifted my head
Once more
Only to see
The sun had set,
The trees had slept,
And they’d all gone home
I grieve.
The sky that was clear
is now covered with fog.
My path, I no longer see.
Why try…when it’s all so gray?
I grieve.
Today I grieve
For what’s been lost.
My forgotten people,
still on their knees
before a snow god in spring
I grieve.
They’ve forgotten that prayer
And to whom they should call.
The Essence replaced
by mundane ritual,
empty symbols.
Their hearts… so tired,
jaded and worn
I grieve.
We are a people
defeated…but not conquered.
And somehow
I feel my blood return.
I will stand.
I will try.
And from beyond my grief,
I will see…
There are a people you can’t enslave.
A loyalty…you can’t buy.
For a land may be occupied…
but never a soul.
From beyond my tears
I’ll understand…
Today my people weep.
But tomorrow…Death will die,
as their tears give birth to a land
where…“on them shall be no fear
nor shall they grieve” (2:262).

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  1. afwan not greive but grieve, nice poetry ya Ustadzah….

  2. “on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve” Amin!

  3. awww… its just sooo wonderfulll sister yasmin… !!

  4. sometimes i feel like talking to you but you dont reply me….!!

  5. v beautiful.

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