Wondering why our heart is dead

What would happen to a body that was starved, suffocated and then forced to drink poison? It would first suffer and then die an agonizing death. We willingly starve and suffocate our hearts by turning away form the remembrance of God. And then we poison our hearts through the bad company we keep, the garbage that goes into our eyes and ears, and emanates from our tongue…
And then we wonder why our heart feels dead.

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  • If we just memorize this so we NEVER forget it !!! May be our hearts will be much more alive :)

  • saaema alavi

    the shell versus the soul (ruh) and what continues on is so important to remember ~ along with keeping pure intention, ibadah, discipline, prioritization, and i think to some degree having fear of the repercussions of what could be ~

  • Safiakulshekar

    When we are busy with Duniya , we forget to feed our soul. And when some calamity strikes us we are in no position to understand what’s going on, and many question themselves as where we went wrong . If the soul had been fed regularly with quality Zikr ,then the realisation is instant,
    That either this is a Test or trial.

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