The Bog

If despair is the only way

To bring me back to my knees

Open to Your effects

Then this melancholy

Is my favorite place to be.

“Don’t seal off the wound,”

said Rumi,

“It’s where the light enters you.”

And I believe that.

For when the chanting high and charms of this life


To its true, lonely place

And I am left empty

Remembering You

And the tears well-up with the memories they cling to

The sorrow weighs heavy in my chest,

I steer my canoe through this bog,

Gliding through trees

Provoked by a dark, shallow water

I wait for the light to direct me

I hope to remain here

Until You’ll have me again.


By: Brooke VanBuskirk 

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  • True. If Allah has decided your destiny to be separate from the hell fire, and you go astray, then i believe He will keep pushing you into tribulations until you com back to the right path, to Him.
    And like the author says, if we remember Him only in despair, then this despair should be longed for…

  • K.

    wow, mashAllah.
    i guess, hellfire is truly for those who were never meant to be there, but deliberately placed themselves there!

  • Laila786

    Mashallah , so true of life , how we conduct ourselves in this tempting world

  • Guest 123

    I have a question.I like writing too, its not regular though. Its mostly based on spirituality. Is there any way to join you that is publish my writings too on the blog?

    Awaiting your reply :)

  • Haajar Farah

    Vivid images, powerful verbs, descriptive adjectives. I love this poem.

  • miriam

    Masha’Allah, i love poetry,
    and this is perfect :)

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