I Prayed for Peace Today


Until this day, reading this makes me cry…

I Prayed for Peace Today
By: Yasmin Mogahed

February 23, 2010 12:37 am

I found myself praying for peace today.
I’ve been in and out of my mind a thousand times
I know You heard me.
I know I wasn’t alone in that room,
shaking with the fear of fear,
the harrowing loneliness.
I cried out to You on my hands. On my knees.
With my face pushed down against the ground.
If I could have gotten lower, I swear I would.
Because that is helplessness, the truest kind…
The kind that knows nothing, not one leaf, or tear, or smile can be
without Him.
I learned something today.
This is dunya. Dunya. Not a place of ease. Only glitter.
The place where you have to feel cold and hungry.
The place where you have to worry and feel scared.
The place where it gets cold.
So cold, sometimes.
The place where you have to leave the people you love.
Where you can’t get attached, because even if you do, it doesn’t make it stay, it just makes it hurt when it doesn’t.
The place where happiness and sadness are only players, waiting for their next line in a play…
Competing for their place on stage.
The place where gravity makes you fall, and frailty makes you bleed.
The place where sadness exists, because it must.
And tears fall to remind you of a place where they don’t.
Where they just don’t.

And isn’t that just it? Isn’t jennah that place after all,
that place that Allah describes over and over and over in 2 ways?:
La khawfun alayhim wa la hum yahzanoon…
On them shall be no fear…nor shall they grieve.

But I’m still here, aren’t I?
The scar on my flesh reminds me of that.
The burn on my arm left a scar that I love.
I love it because it reminds me how weak I am.
How human.
That I burn. That I bleed. That I break. That I scar.
Yes. It is here that I am. Here that I fall. Here that I cry.
Here, just the same, that You filled that room, and lifted me to humbleness, and an acute knowledge of my own powerlessness and excruciating need for You.
And then you took care of it.
Of course You did.
Of course.
Like Younus, and Musa, and his mother. You took care of it.
You are the Peace of the peaceful.
The Strength of the strong.
The lighthouse of Truth in this storm of lies.
So, I found myself praying for peace today.

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  • wasi

    It really takes my breath away and all I want to write can find no words and I hope my silence will speak my heart.

  • Ainaakamal


  • Just a sister

    subhan Allah

  • Ishrat

    This spoke of that which I thought for myself was unspeakable and inexpressible…until today. Jazakallah khairan.

  • ukhtuki fillah

    Ukht, may Allah bless u. This has helped & impacted me in such a way that i’m abt to make it my homepage <3 nafa'anallahu biki..may He guide u always, & bequeath upon u that which was promised by Rasul pbuh: that for 1 person 2 b guided (receive hidayah) thru u, is better for u than e world & all it contains. Pls know that my duas r always with u. Jazakillahu khairan~

  • Marlina Ismail

    Touching.. Speaking my heart. Keep writing sis with sincerity to seek redha from Allah

  • anonymous

    that was really beautiful masha Allaah. perfectly describes how i feel inside. thanks! keep on writing sister yasmin.

  • Love it.Assalamunalaikum :)

  • Farah

    Subhanallah… Sister Yasmin, this is amazing. It literally sprang tears to my eyes… I rarely cry when reading something, but this just broke the law… Your words move hearts like no other, May Allah bless you and reward you with Jannah.

  • Tamanna

    SubhanaAllah! Sister this is so beautiful mashaAllah.. it kind of sinks inside your heart and as you read you feel the tears welling up in your eyes. jazakaAllahu khairan sister. May Allah bless you always. lots and lots of du’a for you:D



  • perfect note!! makes you wanna cry and smile at the same time :) <3

  • Ghouloumaima

    ALLHAMDULILALLAH ALA ni3amatil islam

  • It’s one of the most beautiful things I ever read
    Ma Shaa Allah, Tabarak Allah
    Alla Yzedik Noor We Eman…

  • Haajar

    A beautiful piece indeed masha’Allah. You inspire me sister. This piece summarizes for you the truth, reality of this Dunya.

  • Awalia Rizky

    This piece is a reminder that we aren’t a divine being who oftentimes bragging about ourselves. Indeed we are fragile creature but Allah s.w.t is always there to straighten our back and make us strong :’)

  • Noor

    Yasmin, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I feel that you’re so close to me! Every single would you wrote touches me deeply!

    With love, Noor

  • Miriam Batul

    It is touching and so true….
    I am yearning to have your permission to use it on my blog….May I do so right away…without waiting …. after all, you want to share it with other frail beings like ourselves?

  • Hoden

    “You are the Peace of the peaceful.
    The Strength of the strong.
    The lighthouse of Truth in this storm of lies.
    So, I found myself praying for peace today.”

  • Tasneem

    This poem has helped me out of a really dark place, so beautifully written. It really touched my heart and made me cry. Thank you xxxxx

  • Muhammad Alibaba

    True reflections! May we take heed!!!**

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