The Only Shelter in the Storm

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It’s never easy to stand when the storm hits. As soon as it starts raining, lightning shortly follows. Dark clouds replace the sun and all you can see are the waves of an ocean, once calm, surrounding you. No longer able to find your way, you reach out for help.

You begin by calling the coast guard. No reply. You try again to redirect the boat. No use. You look for the lifeboat. It’s gone. You reach for a life jacket. Torn. Finally after you’ve exhausted every means, you turn your face upward.

And ask God.

But there’s something completely unique about this moment. At this instant, you experience something you otherwise could only theorize about: true tawheed. Oneness. See, on shore, you may have called on God. But you called on Him along with so many others. You may have depended on God. But you depended on Him along with so many other handholds. But for this singular moment, everything else is closed. Everything. There is nothing left to call on. Nothing left to depend on. But Him.

And that’s the point.

Do you ever wonder why when you’re most in need, every door you seek of the creation remains closed? You knock on one, but it’s slammed shut. So you go to another. It’s also shut. You go from door to door, knocking, pounding on each one, but nothing opens. And even those doors you had once depended on, suddenly shut. Why? Why does that happen?

See, we humans have certain qualities which God knows well. We are constantly in a state of need. We are weak. But, we are also hasty and impatient. When we are in trouble, we will be pushed to seek assistance. And that’s the design. Why would we seek shelter if it’s sunny and the weather is nice? When does one seek refuge? It is when the storm hits. So Allah subahanahu wa ta`ala (exlated is He) sends the storm; He makes the need through a created situation, so that we will be driven to seek shelter.

But when we do seek assistance, because of our impatience, we seek it in what is near and what seems easy. We seek it in what we can see and hear and touch. We look for shortcuts. We seek help in the creation, including our own selves. We look for help in what seems closest. And isn’t that exactly what dunya (worldly life) is? What seems near. The word ‘dunya’ itself means ‘that which is lower’. Dunya is what seems closest. But, this is only an illusion.

There is something closer.

Think for a moment about what’s nearest to you. If asked this question, many would say it is the heart and the self that are nearest. But, Allah (swt) says:


“It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his nafs (self) makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein,” (Qur’an 50:16).

In this verse, Allah (swt) begins by showing us that He knows our struggles. There is comfort in knowing that someone sees our struggles. He knows what our own self calls us to. But He is closer. He is closer than our own self and what it calls for.  He is closer than our jugular vein. And why the jugular? What is so striking about this part of us? The jugular vein is the most important vein that brings blood to the heart. If severed, we die almost immediately. It is literally our lifeline. But Allah (swt) is closer. Allah (swt) is closer than our own life, than our own Self, than our own nafs. And He is closer than the most important pathway to our heart.

In another verse, Allah (swt) says:


“O ye who believe! give your response to Allah and His Messenger, when He calleth you to that which will give you life; and know that Allah cometh in between a man and his heart, and that it is He to Whom ye shall (all) be gathered,” (Qur’an 8:24).

Allah (swt) knows we have a nafs. Allah knows we have a heart. Allah knows that these things drive us. But Allah tells us that He is closer to us than even these. So when we reach for other than Him, we are not only reaching for what is weaker, we are also reaching past what is closer, for what is further and more distant. Subhan Allah (Glory be to God).

So since this is our nature, as Allah (swt) knows best, He protects and redirects us by keeping all other doors of refuge closed during the storm. He knows that behind each false door is a drop. And if we enter it, we will fall. In His mercy, He keeps those false doors closed.

In His mercy, He sent the storm itself to make us seek help. And then knowing that we’re likely to get the wrong answer, He gives us a multiple choice exam with only one option to choose from: the correct answer.  The hardship itself is ease.  By taking away all other handholds, all other multiple choice options, He has made the test simple.

It’s never easy to stand when the storm hits. And that’s exactly the point. By sending the wind, He brings us to our knees: the perfect position to pray.

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  • “Allah (swt) knows we have a nafs. Allah knows we have a heart. Allah knows that these things drive us. But Allah tells us that He is closer to us than even these. So when we reach for other than Him, we are not only reaching for what is weaker, we are also reaching past what is closer, for what is further and more distant. Subhan Allah (Glory be to God).” <—amazing!

  • KGodoy

    MashAllah. Beautifully written article sister. Jazakallah khair for sharing the insight and for the life lesson.

  • Ayudsulaiman

    Sister yasmin, a year ago, me n 16 of my frens, our boat capsized on our back to the mainlad from our dive trip (from an island).We were found by the police marine 16 hours later.the sea was rough…and yes, was u described in the 2nd para…we only have nobody but turn only to HimO neness.

  • Peace

    SubhanAllah, this is so deep! Powerful words mashaAllah! May Allah (swt) guide us before it’s too late…

  • Reminded me of my own struggles, .. Alhumdulillah for everything! Beautiful piece sister!

  • sameera shahid

    it touched my heart or if iam not exaggerating i think it touched my soul, we know that ALLAH is the only option but i dont know why we keep choosing others and make ourselves miserable/

  • Mohammed Hafez

    It is the first time i read or hear about you but I am sure in shaa all it will not be the last
    gazaky ellah khayran

  • Beauty_rahi

    SubhanAllah Yameen, the article is simply beautifull. Hardship or test from Allah (SWT), shows His love for His creations. I have seen it in my own family with my closest relative of all. SubhanAllah, the amount of hardships she has faced for past 2 decades is amazing. But more amazing is her strength to deal with it by just having blind faith in Him and His decisions. She is one person who goes with the flow, with a sweet smile on her lips always. In one of Mufti Hussain Kamani’s lectures, he did mention that hardship comes to those whom Allah knows have the capability of facing it and overcoming it. Imagine how Allah was noticing this person to give her such tests. Hardships make iman stronger and stronger. Allah knows the best for all His creations. Be it human, animals, or nature. SubhanAllah!

  • Dr Marihosein

    I love it! Mashaallah, you have such a lovely way of saying things- this is a gift from Allah swt that few have! So keep writing, saying, posting….

  • SUBHANALLAH.ALHAMDULILLAH.ALLAHUAKHBAR..i cried when i read this..beautiful..;)

  • Muslimah

    MashAllah. This is a very well put reminder. Very beautiful and beneficial. May Allah reward you.

  • Sabeer Ahamed N

    subahanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He)

  • Sabeer Ahamed N

    Jazakallahu khairan, thanks for Sharing :)

  • polem

    SubhanAllah Yasmine that was inCREDIBLE! May Allah shower you with more and more knowledge and guidance to help the Ummah with, and give you so much reward! ameen!

    (and this coming from someone who’s generally a little arrogant and thinks a lot about her own writing abilities.)

  • Amara A

    may Allah accept all your actions and make them solely for His sake. Ameen

  • Lift Me Up

    Jazakillah for the very good insightful reminder.

    InshaAllah sharing this article in our FB page 😉

  • Asra

    SubhanAllah…it’s simply beautiful…jazakAllahu Khairan katheeran for all you do…Alhumduhlillah!!

  • Cynthia Schrage

    Understanding and acceptance of Islam can only be helped by lovely writing such as yours. As a Christian woman, I find everything to admire in this excellent piece. Your reverence is inspiring. Thank you.

  • Gul

    JazakAllah he khair for sharing. It seems to be the right time and moment for reading this. I also have shared it on my fb page. Thank you.

  • sniff* so beautiful. Subhan Allah!

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