Keep Walking


Keep Walking
By: Yasmin Mogahed

Every day I get closer to our Meeting.
I feel like I’ve been walking this path for a thousand years
towards You…
and yet I’m still not there.
So close, and yet so far still

But I keep walking,
despite the tears,
despite the wind,
despite the skinned knees and broken bones,
despite the bruises and scars that make this heart what it is today,
I keep walking…
toward You.
There’s only one direction,
one direction:
towards You.
From You, to You.
I have nothing else.
That is my poverty.

I keep walking
because behind every sun’s setting is a rising,
Behind every storm is a Refuge,
Behind every fall is a rise,
Behind every tear is a cleansing of the eyes.
And in every spot you’ve ever been stabbed, is a healing,
and the creation of skin stronger than it was.

I keep walking
because wallahi I have nothing but Your mercy.
I have nothing but Your promise
Your words
Your promise

“Oh mankind, indeed you are ever toiling on towards your Lord- painfully toiling,- but you shall meet Him.” (84:6)

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  • Zubaida Aziz

    good thoughts mashallah

  • Anonymous

    i was reading and reflecting on the above verse this week, your poem is so heartfelt and beautiful, it has brought a tear to my eyes, yasmin, mashallah. Allah (swt) is the one that loves intensely back the slave who loves Him, may He (swt) make us of those who love him sincerely (ameen) I look forward to more of your poems, inshallah, you are very talented :)

  • sister,
    we are lost…but your poem runs through the heart and keep minds alert.

  • I identified with this in ways beyond words can describe!
    JazakAllah khayr for sharing, dear sister!
    Your words, always and always, move me deep.

  • HMKing

    Mashallahm thank you for being such an inspiration and for sharing such heart felt and deep truths. A timely reminder in my life.

  • Urika_blaze2010


  • SafaMHassan

    Masha Allah!♥

  • Wilma Teresa Mago

    I admire her works so much which I only see in other pages shared in FB.. Alhamdulillah finally I was lead her personal site. Shes, not only witty and young… she is also a MUSLIM… Masha Allah



  • Nina

    Jazakum Allahu khayr for this beautiful poem. Brought tears to my eyes…

  • uneza

    MashAllah Sister!

  • Samzus

    Allah Allah! This is beautiful! Soul touching. May He be our guide and support always. Aameen!

    Bless you dear sis!

  • Assalam u alaikum, It’s Beautiful ! This is my first comment so just want to make it special. I want you to know that your writings are immensely super. They inspire me so much that i started my blog too. I am really new at this and i hope i go fine with the mercy of Allah. As it is through the mercy of Allah that hearts can find peace and tranquility. Keep spreading good! Jazak Allah !

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