A Reflection on Withholding


Allah is Al Wahab (the one who loves to give gifts) and Al Kareem (the most generous). Therefore the default is that He loves to give. So, think about it. We must know that if Al Wahab, Al Kareem has withheld something from us, it must be because Al- Aleem (the most knowing) and Al Hakeem (the Most Wise) knows in His knowledge and wisdom  that at this time it is best for us that it be withheld. And so, Al Rahman (the most merciful) withholds. Know that He withholds to give.

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  • Subhanallah! Lovely words, sister Yasmin! Jazakallahu khair

  • Subhanallah! Excellent!!
    Dear sister, I invite you to read this article on Hajar: Inspiring role model:
    If possible, kindly review it.

  • Nusaipa

    subhanallah this poem or article has deeply moved me to an extent that iam speech less at the moment ! masallah and jazakumuallah kairn sister may allah (swt) make you happy and content in this world and the hereafter – alhuma ammen

  • servantofallah

    wow masha’allah i ned to memorize this quotation ,its so reflecting like you reflect upon your life experiences alot today i was traped running away from my mother because i got scared but god made it easy on me as i suffered no harm afterrwards and it kina reflects that this life is kind of your trapped and then you go out of it so yeah
    subha’nallah ive been witholded from gifts that allah has given so many others my age just material goods dont mean nothing alhamdulilah its ok because im still ok and allah swt must love us too to withold gifts.

  • muslimah

    masha allah, what an understanding and explanation sister, to the questions eating our minds !!! hope to read this daily and remind myself that Allah gives us, witha reason behind it and He takes things away for a reason.
    keep up the good work.

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