By: Yasmin Mogahed

The sun is so beautiful in the early morning. It does something to the trees that you don’t see any other time of the day. I think we all want the same thing: A quiet peace. Maybe just even a single moment of it. To close our eyes and just be okay.

For even a single second, to not feel worried about something, sad about something. To not crave something we don’t–or can’t–have. Just to be there, okay. Still. Silent. On the inside. Maybe that’s what’s so beautiful about this time of the day: The stillness.

And the hope that maybe this day will be different.


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1 Comment

  • ComicHijabi

    This reminds me of having khushoo when making salah. sometimes, I think about how the messengers and prophets of Allah would go to the caves to ponder about life, the hereafter and Him. Subhanallah! The stillness of those caves. Now when we pray, we do it in a hurry, or we leave the prayer to answer a cellphone, the tv is going in the background, our minds wonder, etc. We need to find a way back to having stillness in our lives so that we can have a peace in our hearts and minds which leads to having peace with each other as human beings. the best way to do this is to watch the sun rise, sit alone in your home with no sound for a few minutes, go sit by a body of water, or whatever it takes to get stillness in our lives!

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