“Some think love without Attachments means being cold towards the Creation. On the contrary, it is the warmest kind of love. When you love for the sake of the nafs, the source of love is limited. To give is to become depleted. So you are always needy and dependent. When you love for,in and because of God, the source of love is God, a source that never gets depleted. And you can give without needing, because your fill, your taking, is from Him. Love for the sake of God means He is the source of giving and taking. The purest love.

“Nothing beautiful is created without struggle. You want your heart to be beautiful, but you forget that a diamond is created by heat and pressure, and pure gold is made by heating.”

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  • saba


  • a sister

    I still find it puzzling what is that pure love?What is it to love only for Him without any favor to the self?
    Im awaiting marriage,insha allah.Can I love him purely for Him?I wish it was clear to me.

    • K.

      Salam. I’d say pure love is to love the other party without seeking acceptance. Just to love for the sake of love and peace. In marriage, it is a bit different. However, you can still love the other party as a gift from Him. BUT to love the other party solely for nafs reasons, it gets untidy because we expect too much and get way too touchy… However, when a person is in love with God (first priority) it is different. The heart just loves other things naturally..

  • fasihah

    everyday i’ll hear your talk n read your article…really love it….keep on writing n serving the ummah..

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