My Heart is an Open Book


My heart is an open book,

Torn open by my story.

Tell them you learned the lesson.

You’ll learn it every time,

You seek completion in the incomplete.


You sought refuge in a straw house.

Then when the storm came,

You were bare and alone.


You spent years swallowing…

But it was only air.

And you wondered why it left you empty.


They told you stories

And you believed them…

Then waited for the tooth fairy

To bring you change.


And yet still you’d give anything

To make the story real.

Let it go.

There’s a better story.

That isn’t a story.

It’s Real.

But in it the hero never dies

Or bleeds or cries.

Find the Real version.

Memorize it.

Write it on your heart.

And then,

Give it to the world to read.

Your heart is an open book.






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  • Nj Bouzidi

    beautiful!! Allah is My Hero <3

  • Mo Ela

    I could not understand. Too much private ???

  • Allahu’Akbar. This reminds me of when I first became a Muslim. My world, all that I knew felt shattered because all that I had believed, (with regards to my spirituality and the world) had been torn before my minds eyes as I began to research and learn the truth about this Dunya and the Ahkira, and my purpose in life. Subhan’Allah, I cried for something that may seem silly to many but I’m sure some can understand. I cried because I realized Disney films were all fake, there is no happy ending despite the terrible difficulties I’d faced. I cried because I realized (at the age of 18!) that black people, african people, my ethnic heritage was looked down upon by every other race and I COULDN’T be anything I wanted or go anywhere..Subhan’Allah, I will not raise my children with a blind eye to the truth of this world insha’Allah. I will let them enjoy their childhood but I will always remind them that it is Allah who is our Pleasure, who is our “Hero”, and our Help and only through pleasing Him will we find our Happy Ending insha’Allah <3

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