The Essence of Islam: Are We Missing the Point?

DELETEETo some, a Monet is only a collection of dots. To others, it is a perfect masterpiece. To some, Islam is nothing but a code of rules and regulations. But, to those who understand, it is a perfect vision of life.

As Muslims, we often focus so much on Islam’s dos and don’ts that we miss the bigger picture. Islam came to perfect our manners, and yet we are willing to scream and shout to win an argument about moon sighting or zabiha meat. Islam came to increase us in humility and yet while we wear our beards and hijabs, we look down on others.

Islam came to establish a community of believers, but while we decorate our masjids with gold and silver, our prayer rows remain empty. Islam came to teach us about God, and despite wearing His words on our necklaces and decorating our houses with them, when those verses are recited to us, our hearts remain unmoved and our lives unchanged.

And Islam came to make us one brotherhood, yet we divide ourselves and alienate one another over issues like moon sighting and voting.

This is not to say, of course, that the dos and don’ts in Islam are not important. They are crucial. The problem is that we have forgotten what they stand for. For example, the wearing of Islamic dress should never be minimized. But we have forgotten that that hijab and that beard are only symbols of our greater devotion to God. For us to wear that hijab and that beard while it has no bearing on our character means we have missed the point.

If we spend thousands of dollars decorating our masjids but then use that masjid only to display status and win arguments, we have lost its intended purpose. And if we have memorized every haram and halal ingredient of facial soap, but we own businesses that are based on interest and sell alcohol, have we not made a mockery of Allah’s deen?

That deen is what transforms humanity from the lowest of the low to the representatives of God on earth. The Qur’an tells us: “Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: ‘I will create a vicegerent on earth…’” (Qur’an, 2:30)

As a representative of God on earth, we are given a very great responsibility. It is a trust so heavy that even the mountains rejected it. Allah tells us in the Qur’an: “We did indeed offer the trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the mountains; but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof: but man undertook it; he was indeed unjust and foolish.” (Qur’an, 33:72)

As believers, we should never lose sight of this responsibility. It is the fulfillment of that mission that transforms us from ‘asfala safileen’ – the lowest of the low (Qur’an, 95:5), into ‘khaira ummatin ukhrijat linnaas’ – the best of people arisen for mankind. (Qur’an, 3:110)

But how can we be that “best of people”? Allah describes how in His book: “Ye are the best of peoples, risen up for mankind, commanding what is right, forbidding what is evil, and believing in Allah… ” (Qur’an, 3:110).

The essence of that struggle is to believe, to fight for Truth and to strive against evil. And as soon as we give up that noble struggle, we will become among those people who Allah describes in surat Al-Asr as being in an utter state of loss. Allah also describes the ones who will be saved from that state: “Except such as have faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth, and of patience and constancy.” (Qur’an, 103:3)

And, so, if we continue to abandon this greater mission and purpose, we will have transformed the perfect vision of existence into nothing more than a collection of dots.

Originally published by InFocus

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  • u wud always be my idol Sis Yasmin =),keep it up cz i’ll always support you !

  • Deeqo

    MASHALLAH May ALLAH increase your knowledge n wisdom my dear sis..

  • Shireen_Hanief

    Subhanallah.. i love u sis for the sake of allah.. ur talks,writings always inspired me.. alhamdulillah.. i really learnt lot abt islam from u.. alahmdulillah.. blessed to have u as ma sis..

  • Muhammed Abuzar

    Very good description of our vision of Life.. May Allah bless you and give us all the hidayah to lead our life in a righteous way…

  • Lilli

    MashaAllah. Jazaki Allah elf khair.

  • Rabia

    JazakAllahu Khairan Sister.. I love you for the sake of Allah.. Your articles and lectures have changed my outlook on so many things… Alhumdulillah :)

  • islamic articles

    u wud always be my idol Sis Yasmin =),keep it up cz i’ll always support you !

  • Do you personally know someone who’s selling alcohol and/or dealing with riba all the while taking care of the soap he uses to be halal ?
    If someone pray or someone wear hijab, al hamdulillah.
    I think we should encourage people to fix what they’re doing wrong like stated in Surah Al ‘Asr. Especially when it comes to kabayr; they are a tremendous danger.
    For example a good video on how riba destroy economy and starve people.
    That way we can open our eyes about the things we are participating to as citizens or representatives of this world.
    Allah doesn’t need for us difficulty but He needs for us we purify our hearts.
    We encounter difficulty until our hearts get clean and then only remain good for this world and the Hereafter. in sha Allah.
    Sometimes when we hit a wall we think we should find any way to bypass.
    Like when you’re looking for setting up a business but it’s hard getting funds, so you’re thinking of riba.
    But what if it was a difficulty so that our heart get purified and then we went looking for a haram solution instead ? we’re losers in that latter case.

  • amjadiqbal

    A best article , the main problem now a days is that we have forgot the purpose of our Creation and spending time on non issues which are not helpful for building character as per the requirement of Islam,for example on daily basis thousands of Non-Muslims are dying and as per our faith if any one had not accepted the Islam in his/her worldly life than his/her future will be compulsory ,HELL. Now, think what will be our answer at their (The day of judgement) in front of Allah if any Non-Muslim claim that he/she has not been given the correct knowledge / dawah of Islam by Muslims at his/here worldly life ?? Then what we will answer ?? if ,we do not do the work of Dawah at the planet ?? But how strange, a huge number of Muslims have no wisdom of their original duty.

  • Maimaru

    mashaAllah what a great piece of eye-opener
    uhebbuki fillah sis <3 ~!

  • Zeinab

    Masha’Allah, jazaku Allahu khairun sister Yasmin for the reminder.

  • Y.A

    If Muslims do believe, their status will exactly changed to “better” one.

    jazaki Ellahu Khayran, and keep ur posts and reminders up! :)

  • hija

    Couldn’t have been put in better words. Maa Shaa Allaah!

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