The Search for Love

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I spent my life running after the creation. I have always been what you might call ‘needy’. I needed friends, I needed people. All the time. And I couldn’t handle letdowns. But at the heart of what makes us run after the creation, is simply love. The need to give... Read More

Emotional bullying and being a ‘loser’ in marriage


Emotional bullying and being a ‘loser’ in marriage By: Yasmin Mogahed   A few weeks ago, an article was widely circulated about a woman whose husband told her he was leaving and she decided to ‘ignore’ him (and his feelings) until they magically disappeared (See: . As I read... Read More

About a personal struggle I had as a teen

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Picking up the Wrong Ball By: Yasmin Mogahed   Everyone has problems. At least that’s what my 7th grade teacher told us. He asked us to imagine rolling up all our problems into a ball and throwing that ball on a pile filled with the problems of all other people.... Read More